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How To Choose A Penis Extender

There are now dozens of penis enlargement systems available for purchase in men’s health shops online.  The technology of these enlargement devices is the same. By applying a gradual stretch to your penis, you give your penile tissue a “workout”.

Penis extenders don’t just increase length.  They also:

  • Increase girth
  • Improve erection hardness
  • Straighten curved penis

Not all penis extenders are created to the same standards.  Unfortunately, many of the products available are cheap imitation penis extenders which are not medically certified or doctor approved.

They use inferior materials which may warp, are not adjustable, and do not have precise traction amounts. Furthermore,  they aren’t backed by a good reputation or guarantee.

How To Choose A Penis Extender

Because it is so difficult to sort through all of the different penis extender options, we have done it for you.

We tested different penis extenders, got feedback from real users, and analyzed their features.  After all the research, we were able to say with confidence that these are the 3 best penis extenders. These include Size Genetics, Euro Extender, and Pro Extender.

You can read our individual reviews for each of these penis extenders or visit their webpages to find out more before starting your own penis enlargement!

How A Penis Extender Works

What exactly is a penis extender? This is a traction device composed of a circular ring, steel rods, and a cushioned grip, among other components. Manufacturers will usually offer add-ons like gold-plated bars for sensitive skin to attract their clientele.

Basically, a penis extender is used by inserting the penis into the circular ring and then clamping the 2 steel rods with their cushioned grip to the penile head. Keep in mind that the penis must be flaccid during insertion since the purpose of the penis extender is to stretch the male sex organ. When the penis is already erect, its insertion and extension will be difficult, to say the least.

The flaccid penis will then be held in an extended position. There should be no pain during the traction process because of the light clamping mechanism and the cushioned grip. Of course, the penis extender is adjustable to fit any penis size, be it for first-time use or for subsequent uses as the sex organ lengthens.

The penis extender must be used on a regular basis to achieve positive results. In many cases, it must be properly worn for 6 hours a day for a minimum of 6 months. Obviously, a man wearing a penis extender must not wear it during work, exercise and other activities related to daily life including sexual intercourse. The best time to wear it is during times of relative inactivity and privacy like sleeping. However, be sure to make adjustments in your sleeping position – watching sports on television and working at home on paper works.

Traction Principle

As previously implied, the penis extender works using the process known as traction. The device induces cellular division of the muscle tissues in the penis that, in turn, cause microscopic tears. As the cells regenerate to fill in the gap and as the muscle tissues re-grow to repair the microscopic tears, the penis grows in size, too, both in length and in girth.

Lest anybody thinks that this is impossible, think of the way that bodybuilders bulk up their bodies in time for competitions. Strength training exercises produce microscopic tears on the muscles, which then leads to larger muscle mass. It should be noted that it is during the recovery period that said muscle gain is achieved.

Permanent Gains

This is also true for the penis extender. Thus, manufacturers advise users of the device to give their penises a rest from wearing the penis extender so as to give time for the muscles to heal. The rest period will spur more growth in the male sex organ than wearing the device 24/7 ever will in the end.

Furthermore, it is not just the outside appearance of the male sex organ that gets a facelift, so to speak, with a penis extender. The copora cavernosa, the part of the penis that retains blood during erections, become larger as well. This result in erections that are harder to the touch as well as lengthier in terms of time sustained.

It should also be noted that traction as a way to increase penile size has its roots in the tribes of Africa and Asia since centuries ago. The primitive method involved using large stones to stretch the penis in the same way that women used more and more rings to extend their necks to swanlike proportions. Indeed, the modern penis extender has its roots in ancient methods that have been proven successful even today.

Benefits of the Device Per Se

From the abovementioned discussion, many benefits of the penis extender can be concluded. It should be emphasized that the results will vary from one man to the next because of factors like original penile size, duration of use, and physical condition, among others.

One thing is undeniable – the penis extender gives positive reviews for men who use it as directed by the manufacturer, who follow a healthy lifestyle, and who set reasonable expectations.

• Longer Penis Length – Most men report a 30% increase in the length of their penises. For example, if your penis’ flaccid length is an average 3 inches, it can grow to as much as 4 inches in 6 months with the proper use of the penis extender. Many men even report a 2.7-inch increase!

• Bigger Penis Girth – Along with longer penises, users also report an increase in the girth of their sex organs. Remember that bigger girth also increases the pleasurable sensations made from the friction of the penis on the vaginal walls.

• Longer Erections – Men have trouble sustaining erections for many reasons. The right use of a penis extender will stimulate the copora cavernosa to hold more blood.

Other Benefits

With the lengthier and larger penis coupled with longer erections, men have more self-confidence in and out of bed. The domino effect comes in. The individual feels more confident in his ability to provide sexual pleasure to his partner. As a result, it delivers on the implied promise of a great time in bed. And the partner is completely satisfied.

We must emphasize that, for men, sex is not just a biological need. It is also an emotional, relational and spiritual need. The benefits of the penis extender then extend to a man’s overall well-being instead of just his sexual welfare.

Furthermore, the penis extender is also beneficial in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. This is a common penile disorder. It is characterized by the dramatic curvature of the penis, which can be very painful during erections and sexual intercourse. The result is awkward sexual interactions, to say the least.

Studies on the use of a penis extender to treat Peyronie’s disease have shown a reduction in curvature from 70 to 99% in patients. Men are then able to achieve a higher level of self-confidence in and out of bed with the knowledge that their penises are of normal shape. Not to mention, they are longer and larger than average.

Benefits over other Penile Enlargement Methods

Like all other penis enlargement methods, the penis extender also has its share of risks. The good news is that these risks are minimal – a pinch on the penis, for example – and are avoided by the proper use of the penis extender, as recommended by the manufacturer.

In contrast, the other methods of penis enlargement have numerous risks but with little by way of benefits.

• Pills often have dangerous substances as ingredients, thus, making their ingestion harmful to health.

• Pumps have the dangerous potential for causing lumps, bruises and bent penis syndrome as well as burst blood vessels.

• Weights hanging off the penis often results in disfigurements, among other injuries.

• Surgery is only recommended for patients who have lost their penile function due to diseases and injuries. It is also irreversible, expensive and filled by a host of post-surgery side effects.

Indeed, the penis extender is still the best method to achieve a longer and larger penis coupled with lengthier erections.

Supporting Studies

The abovementioned benefits of the penis extender have their basis in science. One of the most notable scientific studies in support of the penis extender includes the research study presented during the First International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery, the subject males experienced an average of 1.9-centimeter increase in flaccid length and a 2.8-centimeter increase in erect length.

In conclusion, the right choice and use of the penis extender will greatly help in achieving the dream of most men – longer and larger penises that can give pleasure to their sex partners